How can I buy or sell at PistonAds.Com?

Aug 30, 2019

How can I buy or sell at PistonAds.Com?

PistonAds.Com offers a very efficient buy and sell or auctioning module enabling Dealers and Automotive Parts Suppliers to sell their items quickly an efficiently. Payments are made directly to the seller. It is therefore important that you provide your PayPal or Bank Details in your personal account so that payments can be made instantly to you.

How does car or automotive parts sales auctioning work?
Auctioning a car or automotive spares - item (bidding module)
To auction an item you are supposed to fill in the following fields:
  • - Starting price – a starting auction price.
  • - Reserve price – a minimum price for which the seller is ready to sell his item.
  • - Buy now – a price for which a user can purchase an item without participating in the auction.
  • - If a user purchases an time for a buy-now price all bidders will get a notification about the item sold.
  • - Bid step – a set amount between the current bid and the next one, for example: a bid step is $5 and the current bid is 40USD then the next bid must be at least 45USD, but can be more.
  • - Duration – a time period during which bidders will be able to bid on the auction before it will be closed and a winner announced.

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