Are there any advantages selling your car privately?

Sep 03, 2019

Are there any advantages selling your car privately?Are there really advantages selling your car privately?

When you decide to sell your car privately instead of trading it in at a dealership it will cost you time and money to start with including the time that you have to wait for a response to your advertisement. You know the expression: "When I want to sell my car, I have to clean it first". So you have to do that. You also should make sure that the car is checked by a mechanic, and at minimum, to top off all the fluids and inflate the tires to proper air pressure. Get all the paperwork in order. Buyers like to see up to date maintenance records. You have to find the right place to advertise and sell your vehicle and possibly have to pay for that. You will receive calls or emails that you have to deal with. All this will cost you time and hopefully you give the right answers to the potential buyer.

You also have to make sure that the payment process that you have in mind is both acceptable to you and the buyer, and that it goes by without any problems.

And, you can most likely not provide a guarantee to the buyer something the buyer will surely keep in mind. The possibility for you to encounter scammers can mean problems ahead for you. Not only do scammers waste your time, they also can suck you into believing they are legitimate buyers. If you do get taken in by a scammer, you risk your vehicle, a ton of money or both.

A dealer takes all this work, the risk, the time, the guarantees he has to give to the buyer away for you and probably gets a better price when selling the car onwards again do and can give you a price close or equeal to what you had in mind anyway. It is therefore logic that the dealer makes a few bucks too...
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