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Sep 26, 2019

What types of piston engines are there?

There is a great variation in piston engines, some of them are:
  • - Single-cylinder engines
  • - Inline engine designs: 
  • - Straight engine, with all of the cylinders placed in a single row 
  • - U engine, two separate straight engines with crankshafts linked by a central gear. 
  • - The square four is a U engine where the two straight engines have two cylinders each.
  • - V engine, with two banks of cylinders at an angle, most commonly 60 or 90 degrees.
  • - Flat engine (Boxer Engine), two banks of cylinders directly opposite each other on either side of the crankshaft. 
  • - H engine, two separate flat engines with crankshafts linked by a central gear.
  • - W engine. Combination of V and straight, giving 3 banks, or two V’s intertwined giving 4 banks.
  • - Opposed piston engine, with multiple crankshafts, an example being: 
  • - Delta engines, with three banks of cylinders and three crankshafts
  • - X engine.
  • - Radial designs, including most: 
  • - Rotary engine designs (Wankel etc.). 

What type pf piston engines are there? V6 car engine Nissan GTR
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